LinkedIn Learning: LinkedIn why did you buy

LinkedIn Learning: LinkedIn just released a product oriented social network of professionals that hopes to accelerate its vision of creating a community of "financial opportunities for every member of the global workforce."

Η διέθεσε την Πέμπτη το LinkedIn Learning, την ενσωμάτωση της υπηρεσίας με την εξαγορά της

Last April, LinkedIn bought for 1,5 for two billion dollars, but for more than a year, the online tutorial site remained as an autonomous entity. LinkedIn Learning

However, this will probably not change with the launch of LinkedIn Learning. To be clear: Nothing changes with According to company representatives will remain on the internet for a while. What LinkedIn just uses its education and professional engagement service with its data. So while you are in the professional social networking, you can learn new skills based on the context of the jobs you want or are interested in.

As with, LinkedIn Learning supports a variety of course modules that are geared towards helping you find the job you want.

The service will show you all the people who have attended the course, job titles as well as other skills to be better informed about what the next steps are after completing your training.

LinkedIn Learning's goal is to update you for new skills to promote your career either in the same organization or in another business.

According to the company, there's a lot you can learn about the job you're interested in, and instead of spending years and in college (?!), In Learning will help you succeed. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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