LinkedIn to LinkedIn in Russia

Russia recently announced that LinkedIn could be blocked in the country after the service did not store country users' data on servers within Russia's borders, and today officially announced that the ban was in force.

Russia requires large tech companies operating in the country not to store data from Russian citizens on servers outside the territory.

Local data storage should only be done on home servers, and LinkedIn has failed to comply with this requirement. linkedin

According to a TechCrunch publication, LinkedIn has been ruled out across Russia. The authorities have asked the ISPs of the country to restrict access to the service or otherwise have to pay heavy fines.

LinkedIn for his part confirmed the exclusion of his services in Russia.

"LinkedIn's vision is to create financial opportunities for the entire global workforce. "But we hear from Russian members that they can no longer access LinkedIn," the company said.

The ban on LinkedIn is a very powerful hit for Microsoft as the company faces the same problems in Russia, mainly due to the plans of the country's president Vladimir Putin who believes the country should start using domestic software directly.

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Vladimir Putin is trying to avoid software developed by foreign companies, arguing that he could hide backdoors that allow other nations to spy on Russia.

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