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Check Point Research (CPR), This makes it a perfect choice for people with diabetes and for those who want to lose weight or follow a balanced diet. part Her Threat Intelligence Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.  and a leading provider of cyber security solutions worldwide, Brand Phishing Report for the first quarter of 2022.

This highlights the companies that most often imitated cybercriminals in their attempts to steal personal information or payment credentials during January, February and March.

First on the list for the first time is the social networking site, LinkedIn, accounting for more than half (52%) of all phishing efforts during the quarter.

A dramatic 44% increase over the previous quarter, where LinkedIn was in fifth place, accounting for only 8% of efforts Phishing.

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The LinkedIn surpassed her DHL, as the most targeted brand, which is now in second place and represents 14% of all efforts Phishing during the quarter.

The latest report highlights an emerging trend towards social network threats, as the number one target now ahead of shipping companies and technology giants such as GoogleThe Microsoft and Apple.

Except that the LinkedIn is the most targeted brand by far, the Whatsapp maintained its position in the top ten, representing almost 1 in 20 attacks related to Phishing worldwide. The report highlights a specific example where its users LinkedIn get in touch via a seemingly official email in an attempt to entice them to click on a malicious link.

Once this is done, users are asked to log in again through a fake portal where their credentials were collected.

Shipping is now the second most targeted category, with threat agents continuing to benefit from the overall rise of e-commerce by targeting consumers and shipping companies directly.

Η DHL is second after LinkedIn, representing 14% of the effort Phishing. The FedEx has moved from seventh to fifth, now accounting for 6% of all efforts Phishing and Maersk in the upcoming years, while AliExpress entered for the first time in the list of top ten. The report highlights a specific e-fishing strategy that used e-mail marketing under the name Maersk to encourage the receipt of fake transfer documents by infecting workstations with malware.

"It simply came to our notice then Phishing they are just opportunistic attacks. Criminal groups are orchestrating these attempts Phishing on a large scale, in order to obtain personal data from as many people as possible ", said the Omer Dembinsky, Data Research Group Manager in Check Point Software.

"Some attacks will try to take control of people or steal their information, like the ones we see with LinkedIn. Others will be attempts to develop malware on corporate networks, such as counterfeit ones Email containing misleading provider documents that we see with companies like Maersk".

"If there was ever a doubt that social media would become one of the areas most targeted by criminal groups, the results of the first quarter put an end to these doubts. While the Facebook has dropped from the top ten of the ranking, the LinkedIn has reached number one and represents more than half of the attempts Phishing so far this year.

The best defense against threats Phishing, as always, is knowledge. Employees in particular should be trained to detect suspicious abnormalities, such as misspellings. domains, typographical errors, incorrect dates and other details that can reveal a malicious Email or text message. Especially its users LinkedIn they should be especially careful in the coming months. "

In a brand attack Phishing, criminals try to imitate the official website of a well-known brand using a similar name domain or URL and website design with the original website.

The link to the fake website can be sent to targeted individuals via email or text message, the user can be redirected while browsing the web or it can be activated by a rogue mobile app. The fake website often contains a form that is intended to steal users' credentials, payment information or other personal information.

Top phishing brands the first quarter of 2022

The following are the top brands ranked based on their overall appearance in attempts Phishing brand name:

  1. LinkedIn (related to 52% of all attacks Phishing worldwide)
  2. DHL (14%)
  3. Google (7%)
  4. Microsoft (6%)
  5. Fedex (6%)
  6. WhatsApp (4%)
  7. Amazon (2%)
  8. Maersk (1%)
  9. AliExpress (0.8%)
  10. Apple (0.8%)
Maersk Phishing Email - Malware Example

In the first quarter of 2022, we noticed a malicious e-mail message using her name Maersk and was trying to download it Agent Tesla RAT (Remote Access Trojan) from the user's computer.

The email (see Figure 1) sent from an email address and forged to look like it was sent from “Notification Maersk (service@maersk[.]com) ”, Contained the subject,“Maersk : Verify Copy for Bill of Lading XXXXXXXXX ready for verification."

The content requested that a file be downloaded excel "Transport-Document", Which would cause infection of the system by agent tesla.

LinkedIn Phishing Email - Example of Account Theft


In this e-mail message, we see an attempt to steal account information LinkedIn of a user.

The e-mail message (see Figure 1) sent from the e-mail address “LinkedIn (smtpfox-6qhrg@tavic[.]com[.]mx) ”, Contained the topic“M&R Trading Co.,Ltd 合作 采购 订单XXXXXXXX".

The attacker was trying to lure the victim to click on a malicious link, which redirects the user to a fraudulent login page in LinkedIn (see Figure 2). In the malicious link https: //[.]com/linkedIn[.]com/login[.]php), the user had to enter his username and password.


As always, we encourage users to be careful when disclosing personal data and credentials to business applications or websites, and to think twice before opening attachments. Email or links, especially Email claiming to come from companies like LinkedIn or h DHL, as at this time they are most likely to have been forged. The Best Technology Site in Greece
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