Linus Torvalds returns to Linux

Linus συναντήθηκε με 40 από τους κορυφαίους προγραμματιστές του Linux στο Maintainers' , held in consultation with Open Source Summit Europe at .

They talked about his return to Linux, adopting the new Linux Code of Conduct (CoC), and how Berkeley Filter (BPF) changes Linux.Linus TorvaldsWhat will happen now?

First, Torvalds returns to the driver's seat.

"I start with the usual moy activity," Torvalds said. But kernel growth is not going to happen as usual.

“We talked about Greg [Kroah-Hartman] having rights s in my kernel tree and it will be easier to share the load. If we want we may add another maintainer after further discussion.”

Thus, Kroah-Hartman, who manages the fixed kernel, will also have a say in Linux's leading Linux kernel that only Linus had previously developed.

So it seems that balances have been restored and Linux community problems will only continue to be coding issues.
That being said, the Linux community needed a more polite Torvalds with a fairer and more balanced way of dealing with its partners. We'll see how well Linus Torvalds can manage this time around.

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