Linus Torvalds began developing the Linux 5.0 kernel

After a long time in version 4, we will soon see the Linux 5.0 kernel on our computers as well as Linus Torvalds the development cycle has begun of the 2019 edition.

Linus Torvalds

Note that this is not a special edition and as Linus Torvalds states:

The change of numbering is not indicative of something special. If you want an official reason, it is that I had outgrown my fingers and toes and so 4.21 became 5.0 (with about 6.5M objects in the git repo). There is no special feature that the new release number brings.

The first release candidate is already ready for public testing if you want to be the first to run the upcoming Linux 5.0 kernel on your Linux computer.

Although Linus Torvalds states that nothing changes, the new version brings updates and new drivers (50%), some ancient drivers, 20 percent are architecture updates, and 10% toolbars,.

With the first release candidate released, we can guess when we will see the final kernel. It may be released in late February or early March 2019. Usually, the final version depends on how many RC (Release Candidate) will be released. So it will be released on February 24 if seven RCs are released or on March 3 if eight are released.




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