MX Linux 18 Continuum (stable) has just been released

MX Linux 18 Continuum: MX Linux is a Linux distribution that we prefer at It is based on the fixed and came from a collaboration between the defunct antiX and MEPIS Linux communities.

MX Linux 18 ContinuumIt uses Xfce as the default desktop , and is an operating system that combines an elegant and efficient desktop with simple settings, high stability, stable performance and a minimal footprint.

In short, it's a fairly light distribution that does not sacrifice quality.

The MX Linux team today announced the release of stable version 18. H is based on Debian 9.6 “Stretch” and includes all basic system updates as well as new versions of desktop applications.

“Είμαστε στην ευχάριστη θέση να προσφέρουμε το MX-18 Continuum. Το MX-18 προσφέρει τα ακόλουθα :

Ενημερωμένα πακέτα με τις πιο πρόσφατες ενημερώσεις από τα αποθετήρια του Debian 9.6 Stretch, του antiX και του MX: GIMP 2.10 (με plugins). Νέος πυρήνας του Linux 4.19.5  (με το patch blk-mq). Νέο firmware. Νέο Meltdown και mitigation, ακόμα και στον πυρήνα των 32 bit.

Very easy to change kernels with MX Package Installer (you can very easily change to 'liquorix' kernel or downgrade to Debian '' kernel 4.9).

Μερικά στοιχεία του Xfce ενημερώθηκαν (όπως οι Ρυθμίσεις του Xfce, και το Thunar). Νέα και ενημερωμένα mx-: επιλέξιμα θέματα για το εγκατεστημένο μενού εκκίνησης GRUB και Plymouth boot-splash μέσω των επιλογών mx-boot.

System-keyboard and locale options for easy access to the default keyboard and for better location management.

Updates to the MX Package Installer, for better performance…. ”

More information can be found at announcement of the new version

MX Linux 18 Continuum Download the ISO you are interested in:

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