Linux: What is the biggest obstacle to adopting it?

The answer is as circular as the Linux problem. Long now the famous operating system that supplies almost all web servers, the cloud, and all super computers does not appear to be the primary choice of millions of users.


Linux is not adopted because of lack of adoption.

It's a cyclical problem. Linux needs more commercial applications, but commercial vendors will not develop their Linux software if they do not acquire a larger market share. The Linxx community needs more drivers than hardware vendors, but hardware companies do not spend money on developing drivers for Linx since there is not much demand.

The Linux community would grow significantly if the market had more computers with a Linux preinstalled operating system, but it is still something that will not happen until more consumers ask for it. Linux has made great progress in the last ten years, and even more so in the last five years. But the road is long.

But why is not Linux adopted?

Because there are too many who are happy with the operating system they are currently using, and as we know the unknown is scaring. The operating system (Windows for the most part) works flawlessly (?) And the most important thing is that they are used to it. Let's say that most of them have paid for it. So there is no reason to change.

The other major obstacle is the applications. For average home users, Linx has the most programs than they need. Applications for email and Web browsing, CD burning, USB burning, word processing and spreadsheets.

Linux has games, and great games. But he does not have big toys. It does not have exclusivity in big game names, and that's because these games and general apps are not designed to work on Linux or WINE.

For what reason; As in any trade transaction, this is the case law of supply and demand.

So a very important question right now could be:

How can I support the operating system and help the community develop?

There are many choices. For example, you can buy hardware that is compatible with Linux whenever possible. When you buy new computers, ask the store for Linux computers or no operating system preinstalled. If they do not, tell them that you will buy from somewhere else.

When you see a game you like, ask developers if they have a Linx port. All of the above are aimed at people outside of the free software community, but they can be improved too much within the community.

Take the time to report any errors, write the documentation to projects asking for help, donate money to useful projects, and submit feature requests you would like to see on your system.

In short, if you want to see Linux being adopted more, it is important to get involved, both inside and outside the community.

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