Linux companies have started hunting down users in view of the end of Windows 7

Linux developers see the death of Windows 7 support as a huge opportunity and are now openly chasing new users.


Windows 7 has officially reached the end of its free support, so users who use it have four options to choose from: to pay for Windows 7 support extension stay safe, stay with Windows 7 and face obvious security risks, to Upgrade to Newer Windows | or migrate to a non-Windows platform.

As for the latter option, the creators of Linux know how great this opportunity is, and so they have begun to hunt down Windows 7 users, in an effort to increase their installation base.

Post the Canonical and of Lite With their advertisements trying to entice Windows 7 users to install Ubuntu, several Korean companies that have developed their own Linux distributions have launched similar campaigns that are supposed to persuade Microsoft customers to take the big step.

Tmax For example, TmaxOS, which manufactures TmaxOS, has tried to reach its prospects and has managed, at least in its country of origin, to enter into operating change agreements with several Korean government agencies.

Increased security and no license fees
In most cases, they use almost the same reasoning to prove that switching to Linux is worth the effort. This is to praise the security that customers can obtain, as well as the reduced costs due to the lack of payment authorization.

Whether these efforts will prove successful will be seen in the near future, from the counts of globally installed operating systems, but for now, it 's pretty clear that the collapse of Windows 7 support is a great opportunity for everyone in the OS world to attract more users.

However, mass migration is still unlikely, mainly because a significant number of Windows users would prefer to stick with Windows to maintain their familiar Windows environment and function.

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