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Linux Foundation: The Linux is found at 94% of supercomputers worldwide, most servers that power the Internet, most of the world's stock exchanges, and a billion Android devices.

In short, Linux is everywhere. It appears in many different architectures, from mainframes to servers, desktops and desktops and mobiles, as well as an impressively wide variety of hardware.

The free self-adjusting lesson that we'll outline below will teach you how to develop a good knowledge of Linux using both the UI and the command line.Linux Foundation

The courses are designed by the Linux Foundation for people who have little or no previous experience with Linux or Unix. System administrators, developers, decision makers, or new Linux users can all benefit from the content covered by these lessons, especially if they want to attend more related lessons such as Linux network management, and the architecture of the business system.

Linux Foundation: the lesson is

  • 100% online and self-adjustable
  • It has 40-50 hours of content designed by Linux specialists
  • Designed to provide students with a good working knowledge of Linux
  • Absolutely free through

Close yourself an online place to learn all the essential necessities of the open source operating system that use billions of computers.

Who knows at some point will use it on your personal computer and not only.

Introduction to Linux Course Outline

Introduction to Linux

  1. The Linux Foundation
  2. Linux Philosophy and Concepts
  3. Linux Structure and Installation
  4. Graphical Interface
  5. System Configuration From The Graphical Interface
  6. Finding Linux Documentation
  7. Command Line Operators
  8. File Operations
  9. User Environment
  10. Text Editors
  11. Local Security Principles
  12. Network Operations
  13. Manipulating Text
  14. Printing
  15. Bash Shell Scripting
  16. Advanced Bash Scripting
  17. Processes
  18. Common Applications

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