Linus Torvalds announced the Linux kernel 4.5 RC 2

Linus Torvalds announced release and availability for downloading and testing a new (second) RC (Release Candidate or candidate) Linux kernel. The 4.5 RC 2 Linux kernel is here.linux

According to Mr. Torvalds, the core of Linux 4.5 RC2 is big enough, at least compared to the first version of Release Candidate.

It includes new architecture and driver updates, some fixes for the Btrfs file system, improvements to PERF, and new virtio self-tests. Apart from these, it includes too many small improvements that you can see in the log of the release.

If you are one of those used to testing Release Candidate versions, the Linux 4.5 RC2 kernel is available at

The final version of the 4.5 Linux kernel should be ready sometime in March of 2016.

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