Linux Mint with new LAN Sharing Tool and new colors

A recent announcement on the Linux Mint blog reveals that the development team is preparing a new application, called Warpinator. The application will allow easy transfer of files over a local network.

The new version of Linux Mint 20 will be released this spring, with many improvements and new features. One of them will be the application "Warpinator" (name can be changed),

Linux Mint

The upcoming Warpinator application will allow the user to easily share files across the local network. Without setting up a server and without settings, computers will automatically see each other.

This will allow you to easily transfer and drop files from one system to another as shown in the images below posted on the Linux Mint blog.

According to the developers of the Mint distribution, the server settings (FTP, NFS, Samba) are too much for the occasional file transfer between two computers and it is a real shame to have to use external media (Internet services, USB sticks, and external hard drives) since a local network can do it very easily.

Mint's Sebastien Bouchard also seems to have organized the colors used in the distribution issues. After that he came up with a new method and has a new proposal for a new palette.

Bouchard has changed the shades, lightness and saturation to make the colors more vivid without affecting the usability of the subject. The changes will be tested and can then be used for folder icons.

The following screenshots show the "old" and "new" pink variants of Mint-Y.

Old theme

Linux Mint

New Theme

Linux Mint

The new color seems to be more pleasing and of course much more vivid in the upcoming Linux Mint. Let's wait and see…

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