Realistic Linux distribution testing via browser

Are you using Windows or MacOS and want to get acquainted with Linux? Do you like to try out all the distributions that exist? or any new releases?

Linux has countless distributions and dozens of interfaces. How can you choose?

Below we will see a free service provided by The page allows testing without ISO downloads or local installations.


Try as much as you can until you find the perfect combination of distribution and desktop through your browser running on your current operating system. Just open its page

Select the distribution you are interested in and watch it load just as it loads on a computer.

DistroTest is a relatively new Linux testing system. It even includes some BSD distributions, for those who wish.

DistroTest is the first online service with an operating system controller that uses a Live system, giving the feeling that you are running the operating system from a bootable DVD or USB drive. It has almost the same look and feel of a Linux distro in a live session without having it fully installed in a virtual environment like VirtualBox.

As mentioned above it runs directly in the browser you are using so you do not have to leave your current activities to restart your computer.

You do not need to download ISOs and burn them to DVD or USB. You also do not need to configure the VirtualBox to run a live session properly.

Using DistroTest is a lot like connecting to a Cloud service from your home computer. Select the distributions you want to try and run them as if they were on your hard drive.

The Linux and BSD distros available in DistroTest are fully functional. You can run all the installed applications in each of your tests. You can change the default settings and when you log out, everything turns in the default settings.

Mention that the service is free for as many tests as you want, dthere are no restrictions.


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