Linuxfx 10.6 is Linux that looks exactly like Windows 10

If you are currently using Windows 10, but you are tired of the ongoing problems with each upgrade, you will need to rethink Linux.

Below we will see a distribution that is made to look exactly like the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system.

Ubuntu, Linux Mint or elementary OS work just fine, but there is a Linux distribution that makes former Windows 10 users feel much more comfortable.

It's called Linuxfx and today it was upgraded to version 10.5. Its purpose is to make the transition from Windows to Linux as smooth as possible.

As you can see in the screenshot and in the video below, the Linuxfx distribution looks exactly like Windows 10. Watch the Start menu and the startup of the operating system that has the Windows logo. This could, of course, cause problems for distribution developers, as Microsoft would probably not let it go.

Needless to say, this is a Linux operating system and its development team Linuxfx reports that it has changed everything to look like Windows. For example, even LibreOffice "wears" a Microsoft Office theme.

In addition to Helloa, a digital assistant that has been modified to look like Cortana, this Linux operating system has several Windows applications: Skype, TeamViewer, and Microsoft Teams. The mail application icon, which is actually Evolution, borrowed the Outlook icon to look more like a Microsoft operating system.

Linuxfx is based on Ubuntu 20.04 and uses Cinnamon DE as its desktop. According to the video below, the Linux distribution lets you run Windows .msi and .exe files.

Watch the video:

Download the distribution

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