Linuxfx 11.0.1102 the Linux clone of Windows 11

Linuxfx is a Brazilian Linux distribution based on Ubuntu. Available with an intuitive Cinnamon interface designed to make it easier for Windows users.


Includes a video management system called Sentinela, computer vision vision software with video analysis and access control software (face recognition and automatic license plate recognition), object detection, gender, age and mood detection.

Other features of the distribution include a new personal assistant, a WX theme for desktops, system applications, and compatibility with software written for Windows (.exe and .msi) via a Wine port.

Following the release of Linuxfx 10.6, distribution became commercial.

Today, however, version 11.0.1102 was released, which brings a theme similar to Windows 11 and an Android subsystem that allows you to run Android applications on your computer.

According to new version announcement page:

Thousands of applications are now available on the Android PlayStore for Linuxfx. Applications like Office 365 and games like Fornite can run natively within Linuxfx.

Download the new version in any theme you want:

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