LiveWire from Harley-Davidson: the first electric

Harley-Davidson announced today that pre-orders for its first electric motorcycle, LiveWire, have begun.

For the automotive industry, the madness of electric cars is well known, see Tesla. For Harley-Davidson, it is a special challenge, as she had to face the technological whims of the motorcycle: two wheels, and a smaller frame, in addition to convincing her friends that it is a reliable engine.

Harley-Davidson is a company over 100 years old. The company's models are adored, while the company has loyal friends around the world.

The project LiveWire is still in development, but it looks like Harley, it is Harley and most importantly according to the company it is a much improved version of the gasoline motorcycle. This Harley, for example, goes from zero to 60 in just 3,5 seconds, while producing 100% of the engine torque, instantly.

Lithium-ion batteries are cooled using a cast aluminum blade mounted in a housing between the rider's knees. The engine and battery are located near the bottom of the frame, which keeps the center of gravity closer to the road for better handling and a more enjoyable driving experience.

Another design advantage is that yesterday's heavy motorcycles are a thing of the past. The new ones are now better balanced and easier to manage at a stop light.

Harley LiveWire can cover 110 miles on a single charge and can be charged from a charger on the road or at home using a standard CCS adapter - the same one used by the electric car.

As for the noisy exhaust, LiveWire is not quiet, though it could be. The company's press release states "a new sound that represents the smooth electric power of the LiveWire motorcycle".

LiveWire deliveries will begin this fall for those looking to pay $ 29.799.


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