Hacked the Malaysia Airlines website from the Lizard Squad

The Malaysia Airlines official website was violated today by Lizard Squad, which after that began to call itself 'Official Cyber ​​Caliphate'.

The national carrier's website shows in the header one “404 – Plan Not Found”, possibly as a reference to the loss of the MH370 flight last March and the demolition of the MH17 flight in July. The Lizard Squad they did not indicate why they targeted Malaysia Airlines but appear to imply that they have gained access to certain confidential data of the company.Lizard Squad Hack

However, Malaysia Airlines reports that its servers are intact and have not leaked user data, and that their DNS issue has been solved. The company reports that the site is now operational, and that travelers can make reservations as usual through this site.

The site after the hack had posted the well-known avatar of the Lizard Squad, and links to three accounts on Twitter (@LizardMafia, @UMGRobert and @UmgChris). By opening the page a rap song began playing automatically.

See the hack announcement Tweet

[tweet_embed id = 559510964983197698]


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