New team member Lizard Squad capture

The team Lizard Squad who took responsibility for PlayStation Network DDoS and Xbox Live during Christmas, appears to be the main target of law enforcement. The British police announced today that they arrested a member of the group.Lizard Squad

Organized Crime Unit or South East Regional Organized Crime Unit (SEROCU) today announced the capture of its Twitter account.

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As the investigators report, they collaborated with the FBI to capture an 18-time at Southport. His capture occurred because there is suspicion of his involvement in the "DDoS on the Sony PlayStation network and Xbox 2014".

The 18man who did not know his name faces two classes under the Computer Misuse 1990 law and 16 1861 Article 18. Outside of the DDoS attack category, it also treats the false applause of Skype with Skype. XNUMX time sent armed police officers to the home of an alleged criminal in the US.

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