A hacker from the Lizard Squad on-camera

Although they are very active on Twitter often quoting their personal details, it seems that a member of at least Lizard Squad appeared on-camera in an interview.Ryan Lizard Squad
The Lizard Squad made a massive DoS denial on Xbox Live and PlayStation on Christmas Day, stopping connectivity to millions of users.

During the weekend, the Sky News released a video an interview with a man named Ryan, who is said to be part of the Lizard Squad. A further investigation revealed that "Ryan" is named Julius Kivimäki, and is from Finland.

The hacker said the team currently has access to about 100.000 Linux servers, which allows them to carry out large-scale attacks, such as those on the Xbox Live and PS networks. Kivimäki revealed that the attack on Christmas day "was actually carried out by three people."

According to him, the Lizard Squad team has three or four members, but there are others outside the group that help from time to time.

The security researcher Brian Krebs with a publication trying to reveal the Lizard Squad, even presenting very interesting facts.

For example, he states that "In a post on Hackforums launched by Omari on December 26, using" Vinnie "as his name, he mentions that he was given coupons by Megaupload, and wonders if Hackforums rules allow them to be sold."

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