The DDoS service of the Lizard Squad exposes the aspiring hacker data

The DDoS services supposedly set up by the Lizard Squad team display the login credentials of registered users. LizardStresser DDoS-on-demand - A DDoS service powered by hacked home routers seems to be desperately insecure.

Details of more than 14.000 users - whose passwords and usernames are stored in plain text - are already in the hands of investigative journalist Brian Krebs (and possibly the FBI).

The team Lizard Squad which dropped Xbox Live and PlayStation networks on Christmas, created a website that offers DDoS for everyone, of course, on a pay-as-you-go basis.

The service seems to have already earned 11.000 dollars in Bitcoins by registered users who had paid money for their illegal services. See the image posted by Brian Krebs.Lizard Squad support

British police arrested last week a second member of the hacking team as part of an ongoing US-led investigation in partnership with Britain.

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