LMDE 4 Debbie impressions: a functional one for everyone

LMDE 4 Debbie: Yesterday the Linux Mint development team released a new version of the distribution based on Debian (not Ubuntu). The new version, Linux Mint Debian Edition (LMDE) 4 "Debbie", is based on Debian 10 and features the Cinnamon desktop of the Mint team.

I should add that the Cinnamon desktop (along with KDE) is very similar to the Windows desktop.


Although the Debian variant of Linux Mint is a backup distribution (an emergency plan) in case Canonical stops developing Ubuntu, version 4 will excite many.


I installed the new distribution and everything went fine. Let me start with the fact that the distribution finally supports UEFI SecureBoot and did not "bother" the bootloader of the other operating systems I have on my computer. After the first boot, I discovered that the drivers for the wireless connections were installed and working perfectly.

The NVIDIA drivers were automatically installed along with a bunch of other microcode / firmware that my computer hardware needed.

The distribution contains the well-known Mint tools and one of them is Timeshift. With this application you can "photograph" your system and restore the "image", if you accidentally damage something. This is a very easy way to backup.

The new version comes with locked root by default so you can not log in to the root user account with su. To unlock it, enter a new password for the root with the following command:

sudo passwd root

I highly recommend distribution. It is based on Debian, a very stable distribution, and has the necessary tweaks (Mint tools), which will make life easy even for novice users.
Of course if I compare it with the distribution MX I will prefer the latter for many different reasons. One of them is MX Tools, which is much better than Mint tools.

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