LMT Anti Logger smart protection completely free

LMT Anti Logger offers a free range of protection against common and unusual cyber threats. Protects your computer from viruses - malware - trojans - real time keyloggers

With LMT Anti Logger, keyloggers will be very difficult to steal your data
Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, LMT Anti Logger can detect even the latest threats.

The software will open the browser in a special environment, so you can be sure that you will make your online transactions without worrying about data theft.

LMT Anti Logger will help protect your data from unauthorized access. This is of course an amazing protection for ransomware.

The application uses databases from Virustotal, increasing the detection rate of malware while also using Machine Learning, to detect the latest threats. LMT Artificial Intelligence can help detect newer and unknown malware.

The AI ​​model so far contains:

The data set is almost 4 TB, and the files (exe) included are 199970.
The percentage of total detection accuracy reaches 97,89%

The free app works seamlessly with many AV engines in the cloud to have an extended detection rate at any time against known threats without slowing down your computer.

Download the application (version 4.8)

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