Lockbox Firefox was released by the alpha version

The Mozilla Foundation today a new version of Lockbox. For those who do not know, is an extension that acts as a password manager for Firefox versions and replaces the embedded browser password when it is installed.

The Mozilla Foundation calls the Lockbox an experiment to "test and improve password management and Internet security."Lockbox

Lockbox is considered secure, as it offers "newer encryption" according to the Mozilla Foundation. "Lockbox uses AES256-GCM encryption and HMAC SHA-256 ″ to corrupt stored data so that it cannot be retrieved."

Lockbox is currently available as an alpha version. This means that it has several limitations that you need to know before installing the extension.

Initially, there is no password-insertion feature from Firefox or other password management applications.

The extension still does not have a password export function, but synchronization between different Firefox installations is supported and Firefox Sync seems to work.

According to the above, you should not use the extension yet, as the alpha version makes it unsuitable for production environments.

If you do, however, install it, the first thing to do is log in to your Firefox account.

The extension displays three basic functions: adding login information, opening all saved codes from the toolbar icon and copying data from your Firefox account.

The functionality is quite limited at this time, but it seems like a good idea from the Mozilla Foundation.

The question still holds true:

Install Lockbox

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