Lockdown: The Ministry asks you to avoid using the Internet from 9 to 6

The Ministry of Digital Government issued a recommendation to the citizens asking them not to use the internet during the lockdown period from 9 in the morning until 6 in the afternoon.

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Unbelievable and yet true. It seems that the Ministry of Digital Government is waiting for internet malfunctions during peak hours where all the High Schools and tuition centers in the country will work with distance learning.

And that's why they issued a recommendation to all of us that in essence they say yes do not surf the internet from 9 in the morning until 6 in the afternoon, during the lockdown.

In their announcement they suggest 8 ways to avoid the internet. Apart from the fact that we consider them impossible, because when you have someone locked in the house it should be relieved somewhere, we suspect that during the lockdown period the internet will stagnate. And this is rather dangerous.

Will critical structures such as electronic prescribing, electronic certificates from gov.gr, electronic payments and so many others based on the internet, have a problem? Imagine going to your doctor and he can not connect to prescribe you medication.

Instead of such recommendations, the gentlemen of the Ministry should have taken care of a satisfactory connection of our country with the world wide web. See below announcement of the Ministry:

Recommendations of the Ministry of Digital Governance for the responsible use of electronic infrastructure during the period of validity of emergency measures
Press Releases - Announcements / November 6, 2020

The Ministry of Digital Government is in constant communication with the electronic communications providers in order to ensure the smooth operation of the fixed and wireless networks throughout the period of validity of the emergency measures of restriction of traffic and professional activity. In this context, the General Directorate of Cybersecurity, in cooperation with the competent services, is on standby in order to address any issues related to the availability and reliability of the critical infrastructure of the country.

For the smooth, uninterrupted and responsible operation of the telecommunication networks, the Ministry of Digital Government and the General Secretariat of Telecommunications and Posts remind and recommend:

  • Avoid the use of online entertainment applications during peak hours, ie from 9 am to 6 pm This creates the required availability on the networks for the effective operation of distance learning and teleworking applications.
  • Give priority to the use of fixed networks for making telephone calls and avoid, if they are not necessary for our communication, video calls.
  • Avoid sending large files without a previous compression process, if possible. Likewise, we avoid sending bulk emails with large volumes of attachments.
  • Keep the software of all home appliances that have internet access up to date, based on the instructions and recommendations of the manufacturers.
  • Pay close attention to messages coming from unknown senders that target the coronavirus - and, more generally, Health and Civil Protection issues - as they may contain links that lead to malware.
  • Adopt responsible behavior and trust only the instructions of scientists and the National Agency for Public Health.
  • If we have children, we take care of their creative employment and avoid their attachment to online entertainment services
  • It is emphasized that no organization or body, public or private, in Greece is going to request by phone, via SMS, e-mail or through social networking systems, information such as the code you use to access a service. Any such communication should be treated as an attempt at fraud.

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