LOLcat: Terminals with rainbow colors

Below we will see why Linux can stand out by simply allowing any customization in the system. We will use the lolcat packet to convert the commands displayed in the terminal to a rainbow. Yes the commands will appear in rainbow colors in slow motion.

Interesting; Let's see how it works:lolcat

As I mentioned earlier, we will use the LOLcat application. The cat commands come with enhanced color and Rainbow-like colors.

The LOTcat application is available in virtually all modern Linux distributions by default at their repository. Alternatively, you can install the latest version of LOLcat from the git repository.

For Lolcat to work you will need the latest version of RUBY. Below are the commands to install on the distribution you are using:

(Proceed as follows if the application does not already exist in your distribution repositories)

apt-get install ruby ​​[for systems with APT] yum install ruby ​​[for systems with Yum] dnf install ruby ​​[for DNF systems]

When installing the ruby, confirm the version:

2. Then download and install the latest version of lolcat from the git repository with the following commands:

wget unzip cd lolcat-master / bin gem install lolcat

Check the version again

Let's run LOTcat. The basic syntax for LOLcat is:

LOLcat [options] [files]

The application comes with many options that control its behavior. Below are some of the most important commands:

-a passes each line through a motion effect.
-d determines the duration (number of steps before the next line appears) of the motion effect, the default value is 12.
-s determines the speed (frame rate - number of steps per second) of the motion effect, the default value is 20.
-f allows coloring

You can find more choices here.

But let's look at the result:

Let's try the help command:

lolcat -h


Let's run the commands:

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echo I ❤ SecNews | lolcat figlet I Love SecNews | lolcat

Let's say that the character ❤ is unicode character and to install the figlet run the following command with yum, dnf or apt:

apt-get figlet yum install Figlet dnf install figlet

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