Mars was found on Mars 11 for years missing Beagle 2

The European space vehicle Beagle 2 had disappeared on Christmas 2003 after its landing on the surface of the "Red Planet".

The European space vehicle was found on the surface of Mars Beagle 2, who had disappeared when he landed on the "Red Planet" on Christmas 2003.beagle 2

The vehicle seems to be in good condition and appears to have partially developed on Mars surface, with the European Space Agency (ESA) noting in a statement that it demonstrates that the descent and landing process has worked properly.

The photos throw at least some light into the mystery surrounding Beagle-2's "wireless silence" over 11 years. The fact that the vehicle did not develop all the solar mirrors it brought meant that it was not possible to develop the radio antenna to communicate with the Earth, as announced by the British Space Agency, which was also responsible for the vehicle.

Beagle-2 was found thanks to high-definition photos taken by NASA's satellite

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