Connect LTE (4G) and the Moon from 2019 for streaming HD

Vodafone is preparing an LTE connection for the Moon. Yes the company is preparing an 4G connection that can be used for streaming HD video.

Η PTScientists is the main driver behind the effort, and this is the first private funding of a mission to the Moon that will begin with a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from Cape Canaveral in 2019.

Image by PTScientists


As part of this mission, which is an inspection trip of the lunar rover left by NASA's Apollo 17 during the last manned mission in December 1972, two Audi rovers will be transported, which will be connected via an LTE connection that will be provided. from Vodafone Germany and Nokia Bell Labs.

Nokia said the Ultra Compact Network would be the lightest network ever developed and would weigh less than a kilogram, the weight of a grain of sugar.

"Vodafone tests show that the base station should be able to transmit 4G using a bandwidth at 1800MHz and thus receive the first live HD video image from the surface of the Moon, which will be transmitted globally via a deep space "a link to the PTScientists server at the Shipping Control Center in Berlin," Nokia said in a statement.

PTScientists CEO and Founder Robert Boehme said the mission is a first step towards a sustainable exploration of the solar system.

To note, this month, SpaceX launched the first two Starlink Internet satellites.

The Starlink project aspires to create a "constellation" of about 12.000 satellites to provide broadband connections around the globe.

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