LuxLeaks The scandal that has passed through the Greek sites

Let's take a look at it LuxLeaks. Why; we know our relationship with Wind, a super-Greek company that is trying to get rich at the expense of consumers. If you are from Wind and have objections our phones are on the page Contact Us, but before you call us read the article. LuxLeaks luxleaks LuxLeaks

However, this article is not about the services of this company, it is about a news that went into the "fine" letters of the big news websites of our country. We want to believe that the readership of is looking for something more than the stereotypes of Greek journalism, not to mention the big channels for examples and lawsuits will start coming.

Kostas Ephemerus from the ThePressProject, it was probably the only one to report the news that no one dared to reveal in all its grandeur.

The International Journalists' Conference (ICIJ) has released part of 28.000 documents demonstrating the systematic tax evasion of billions of euros from the world's largest companies. Among them EFG Eurobank (the Latsis family) and Wind ... but this will not be read almost anywhere

What impressed us in the article about LuxLeaks was the chapter "Where did the news go, huh? ” We list it as it is:

There are two more tails of scandal in Greece, not at all negligible. The first and most important will allow us to keep it for a while until we publish our great tribute in the next few days. The second is called Greek journalism… or rather its lack.

Homemade LuxLeaksThe revelation was made by the NEA. In the left-hand photo you can see the way Mr. Psichari's newspaper has chosen to publish this world exclusive news (it is the box top left). You will not find natural company names. But give a point to the newspaper that took part in the research and eventually played the issue. Let's go below and let's choose Alexa's totally inaccurate system to see how the first page of 10's first pages *

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1. The has the news of Luxembourg Leaks and 900 word reports but reports only companies that do not operate in Greece. No reference to Eurobank, Latsis or Wind.

2. The has not no reference in the scandal. But he has an advertisement of Wind.

3. The it does not no reference in LuxLeaks. He also has a Wind advertising.

4. It it does not no reference. But strangely enough, it has a huge Eurobank ad (suppose that the blog is not anonymous and can cut invoices?)

5. The keen and valid… Also not even a word on the first page for LuxLeaks. Wind Advertising: Present!

6.… no report, no advertising (how to download HuffPost?)

7. also does not no reference at all and also almost no advertising (all like the TPP have become).

8. To has not no reference on the subject and has advertised Wind and Eurobank in the top two positions.

  Google Project Zero has released a new Windows zero-day

9. also without no reference and also with Wind and Eurobank advertisements.

10. has not no reference at all in the scandal and has a Eurobank ad.

* YY1: Only one of two may happen: Or Greeks are crazy and other sites read from what they say they read or Greek internet entrepreneurs buy profusely fake traffic. The answer in a few days.

Y.2: Keep the list above and visit the sites mentioned above and they do not seem to have any advertising of one or the other company. I personally believe that in the next 2-3 days Eurobank and Wind will increase their "advertising" expense sharply.

Y.X.NUMX: With the media situation as described above, it is up to you to spread the news. It's your turn, that's what we call small.


The fact of "independent and unaffected" journalism in Greece is well known and there were many examples. The news that is circulating, especially today, should be filtered very well beforehand swallowed and digest amasses.

If you wait for the developments on this issue, there will probably not be, and if there is a solution will be found under the table, away from newspapers, channels and blogs. We have no illusions, this publication is a small flawed note in the melody played by the domestic Media, with a mastery of the capital.

The encouraging thing is that there are pages like ThePressProject, who still dare punch the knife.

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