Hacked by Lynda.com

The known Lynda.com with its incredible online tutorials is hacked. The attackers managed to breach a which contains information from users and courses.

According to the company, about 55.000 registered users of the platform are affected.Lynda.com

Lynda.com, a LinkedIn subsidiary, Microsoft recently bought, has confirmed the hack and has already begun resetting passwords for 55.000 accounts that have been intercepted.

Furthermore, the emailed all of its 9,5 million registered users to inform them of the breach even though their details were not in the hacked database.

In the leaked data there are no credit card data according to the company, and all the codes were sufficiently encrypted, soaked and hashed.

If you were using Lynda.cоm, you should immediately reset your password, whether or not it has been intercepted.

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