Macaulay Library: The largest online library of natural sounds and videos

The Macaulay Library is the largest free online digital library of wildlife audio, video and photo files.


Η Macaulay Library has a long digital history of collecting files of natural sounds, photos and videos from birds around the world. However, it has grown its collection and now, in addition to birds, it includes amphibians, fish and mammals, thus classifying it as the collection that maintains records of behavior and natural history of all kinds.

The Macaulay Library Wildlife Archives now has over 397.000 recordings of bird and other animal sounds, 8.8 million photographs and 57.000 videos of birds and other species worldwide, making it an excellent resource for science, research, education, the conservation of species and the general interest. Files include sounds and videos of rare and endangered species.

You can browse the various audiovisual media in the collection (photo, audio or video) or search for something specific. Use it to increase your sound identification skills or to get a free tutorial eBird Essentials (account creation required, including billing information). See immigration maps of birds, see mapping of different species of birds, or download multimedia from the library (free, request).

You can also search for birds by country so you can have a very good surveillance of all of birds of Greece with photos and recordings of their voices are available in several of them.

The free Android or iOS application helps you identify birds. With a history dating back to 1929, the Macaulay Library is a huge source of wildlife photos, sounds and videos.



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