MAG-LEV Audio: The first flying turntable comes

Vinyl sales have begun to regain high numbers in the music market, resulting in the emergence of new turntable models. The company MAG-LEV Audio aims to combine the elegance of picnics with the technology of magnets by offering for the first time a machine where the plate will be suspended in the air.


Η MAG-LEV Audio has the plans to build a turntable where the magnet plate will literally float while simultaneously spinning with 33,3 or 45 turns the minute, thus completely eliminating any vibration from the rotation mechanism to the head spike.

When the pick-up is not in use then four legs will be lifted and they will support the platform. MAG-LEV Audio also incorporates an uninterrupted power supply system that is capable of removing the needle and lifting the feet in the event of a power failure. As far as the head is concerned, use an Ortofon OM 5E and a Pro-Ject 8.6 arm.

The first airspeed, even though it's amazing as an idea, is also the first product of MAG-LEV Audio, a company that tries to find financing through the kickstarter, so it is a good idea to first wait for it to be built and tested by several experienced users of sound reproduction machines.

Its kickstarter price starts at $ 780 if you prepay it and is estimated to go up to $ 1390 at the retail level. The company hopes to bring it to store shelves in August of 2017.

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