Mageia 7 RC with Linux kernel 5.1.5 and KDE Plasma 5.15.4

Mageia 7 RC: The Mageia distribution offers a free operating system based on GNU / Linux. It is one Community project, supported by a non profit organization elected contributors.

The Mageia distribution started in September 2010 as a fork of Mandriva Linux, and since then has released six major fixed versions in June 2011, in May 2012, in May 2013, in February 2014, in June 2015And in July 2017.

Today Donald Stewart announced the availability of the upcoming Mageia 7 release, the latest RC before the upcoming final release:

Mageia 7

"The Mageia distribution community is very happy to announce what we hope will be the latest release before the final Mageia 7.

We all hope that this version adds quality to all previous beta versions. The circulation process so far has been smooth. We all hope that there are no new critical bugs and that we can soon release the final version of the Mageia 7 distribution.

Updated packages: Linux kernel 5.1.5, RPM 4.14.2, dnf 4.2.6, MESA 19.1, KDE Plasma 5.15.4, GNOME 3.32, Xfce 4.12, Firefox 67, Chromium 73, LibreOffice 6.2.3.

If this release candidate has no critical bugs, the final ISO images can be made, aiming for the final release in about a week or two from today.

We hope everything works out, but if there are any issues, you can report them to Bugzilla us."

Read it publication of the publication And the notes of this edition for more information.





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