KJ Magnetics: How to cook an egg with magnets

Watch people in KJ Magnetics cook an egg with some magnets and a motor.

KJ Magnetics

The people of KJ Magnetics, who marketed magnets, found an even more mysterious way to make breakfast. By combining an old engine and a magnet disk, they were able to produce enough heat with the magnets to fry an egg into a conductive pan.

The experiment they did at KJ Magnetics was to mount a motor at the bottom of a table and top and mount a small disk on the engine. Around the center of the disk, ten magnets were placed in such a way that their poles alternate. These magnets are about ten times stronger than a typical radiator magnet.

When the magnets turn, their alternating poles make the magnetic field they produce constantly changing. This generates a type of electricity called eddy currents or stream Foucault (eddy current) that flows into the conductive basin and dissipates energy as heat.

During the first human test at KJ Magnetics, the temperature in the pan reached only 37,7 degrees Celsius, not enough to cook an egg. However, when they almost doubled the strength of the magnets, they were able to raise the temperature to over 100 degrees Celsius and successfully cook an egg.

If all this gave you the idea of ​​making an induction stove for the winter, KJ Magnetics created a guide on how to do it. Watch the video below:



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