Take your photos with GoPro's Quik

Go Quro's Quik is a video editing application that is easy to use and quickly creates videos from your photos and video clips.


If you took many photos on your holiday and you want to share with friends and relatives instead of sending them clear photos, it would be more creative and appealing to put them all in a professional-looking video with pleasing music and special effects . This offers GoPro's Quik.

GoPro builds cameras for action and is the pinnacle of technology of its kind. In addition, it has developed the free Quik application to create videos from photos and videos taken with your smartphone's camera.

The program is available only for Android and iOS and recently released a new version of it with new songs, more filters and improved performance. Generally speaking, it is easy to create video.

The app has twenty themes to choose from, such as Sharp, Swell, Serene, Jolly, Sunny, etc., each with transition effects and graphically designed to suit your needs. It also provides soundtracks available, in addition to your own music library, to add music to your videos.

In addition to selecting photos, you can also add your existing video clips to create new videos. The application uses algorithms to look for the best moments in each video clip, but you can also manually mark the points you think best.

Before completing a project and saving it to a video, you can always switch to another topic or do more editing, such as adding text, rotating a frame, resizing a photo, cropping or splitting a video, change speed or duration, as well as change the sound and music. Quik allows you to store your creations on its servers as seven-day projects or to copy your existing creations for further editing. Of course you can save them to your phone or share them on Facebook, Instagram etc.

It has all the quick and easy steps to create great videos and provides you with easy-to-use tools to create professional-looking videos in just minutes.

You can download it for Android from here and for iOS from here.

See a related promotional video from GoPro below.



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