Repair slow data transfer to a USB flash drive

Today they are USB or slips are everywhere. It is a very convenient way to transfer data, thanks to their portability. Almost every device has a door (at least) USB or microUSB-on-the-go: tablets, laptops, TVs and more.USB Flash Drive

If your USB drive is now too slow, you can increase the read and write speed by following these steps.

First you should know that USB drives they use flash memory, which by nature tends to slow down over time as you use them. So if your USB unit is too old and has been used to a large extent, your best option is to get a new USB high-speed. Secondly, you know that USB 3.0 is much faster than USB 2.0. To get a comparison, you should buy at least one USB 3.0 drive to see the difference in speed.

But let's see how you can make your old USB 2.0 run faster.

We start with Formatting the USB drive on NTFS

This will make the copying operations a bit faster. Right-click on the USB as you see it in the "My Computer" or "This PC" folder and select "Configuration" from the menu. Select NTFS as the file system and uncheck "Quick Format" from the box:
1 flash drive

Immediately afterwards, you can press Start and wait for the configuration to finish.

Set the USB drive for better performance

Right-click your USB drive again from the original PC / My Computer folder and select "Properties" from the menu.
In the Properties dialog box, go to the Hardware or Hardware tab: Click the Properties button at the bottom of the window:

2 flash drive
In the window that opens on the "General" tab, click on "Change Settings" or Change Settings

3 flash drive
Below the Policies or Policies tab, you'll find the option for better performance. Highlight the option and click OK. 4 flash drive

Note: After changing the device policy to improve performance, you should always remove your USB drive with the "Safe Remove" option. Otherwise, you may lose files that you have copied to your disk. It is necessary because the cache is enabled in the option for better performance. With the safe removal procedure you will be sure that no work is running on the unit before removing it.

You can try the data transfer rate on your USB drive that should normally be improved.

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