Malia Obama's first selfie became viral

After years of careful control of the White House in its few public appearances, a mysterious photo of Barack Obama's first daughter, Malia Obama, appeared online. Malia Obama is 16 of years old and her native her photo taken from the proera47 account at Instagram became immediately viral.Malia Obama

President Barack Obama's eldest daughter - Sasha's sister is now 14 years old - appears in the photo wearing a t-shirt bearing the name of a Brooklyn (Pro Era) Rap group.

The photo shows a tall high school student who is supposed to be Malia Obama - or someone who looks very much like her - to have her mouth open, looking straight into the camera, and tidying her hair.

No one seems to know who took the picture, or how it appeared on the Internet.

The spread of the viral image highlighted the dangers of life in the White House whirlpool in the era of the Internet and social media.

The White House has not commented on the photo so far.


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