Schools are starting. Watch out for malware in school aids

Searching for school aids online exposes students to a wide range of malware, researchers at Kaspersky Lab have found, after analyzing data collected during the 2018-2019 school year.

Upon returning to school, students and parents will search the internet for lysaries, extra aids, additional skills exercises, etc. All of these are available in paid bookstores of course, but some will certainly research the internet in an effort to save some money.

But the free can hide many risks, since the demand has already been identified by hackers and they will try to entice you to download and run their software that will hide malware, trojans or ransomware.

We are not exaggerating, nor are we generalizing. The news comes from the company Kaspersky Lab, which after a careful examination of attacks that use documents with built-in malware and related to education, found that in the academic year 2018-2019 over 356.000 fraud attempts were made, which were stopped by the virus protection program.

According to Kaspersky, of all these attacks about a third were manuals and more than 30.000 users tried to open these files. Of all the malicious books, hackers focused on English, math, and literature.

If you want to search for educational materials using the internet, watch the websites you use, pay close attention to torrents, always keep your antivirus software up to date and always keep in touch with people who send you email attachments, to confirm that they are actually the senders.

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