Manjaro 21.0.6 (Ornara) the easy Linux

Philip Müller has announced the release of Manjaro Linux 21.0.6 (Ornara), a major distribution update for GNOME, KDE and Xfce desktops.

This version updates desktops to GNOME 3.38, Plasma 5.21 and Xfce 4.16:


"With Xfce, we now have Xfce 4.16. The window manager received many updates and improvements again in the composition part and the GLX. Fractional scaling support has been added to the screen dialog, along with highlighting the preferred function of an asterisk screen and adding aspect ratios next to the resolutions.

The settings manager has improved search and filter capabilities. Thunar file manager also received fixes and several notable features, including pause for copy/move operations, support for queued file transfers, per-directory memory of view settings, and support for transparency in the GTKs. Kernel 5.10 LTS is used in this release.”

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