Manjaro Linux 18.0.1 has just released new ISO

Manjaro Linux 18.0.1: Manjaro distribution is based on Arch Linux and its goal is to make things easier for beginner Linux users.

Manjaro Linux 18Manjaro's installation is simple and can be done in two different ways, with a graphical environment and traditional through the terminal.
The installer (Calamares) used by the distribution is very easy to use and very fast.

Distribution is also very fast and the menus respond instantly, but the really special thing about it is that it's always rolling with "fresh" software.

If all of the above did not convince you and you have doubts about how a rollout can be steady, you can only try it.

Today, the distribution development team has released 18.0.1 in all flavors. If you want to download any of the new ISO, visit it official webpage.

If you have already installed an older version of the Manjaro distribution, simply update your system.


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