Many unhappy Facebook users

According to a survey released recently, more than half of Americans are facebook users, have the feeling that in this social network, people share a lot of personal information.

About t36% is very dissatisfied with this, while 25% say they do not even like the idea of ​​sharing so much information on the World Wide Web. A similar dynamic in the research percentages is presented to those who express that they do not like the fact that they appear in photos that have not given their permission to be published. Among the users who are parents, three out of four do not accept to "upload" photos of their children on the network without their approval, according to the Pew Research Center.

This research was published, while Facebook celebrates its 10 anniversary and it does not seem to be a discontent to reduce social networking users. Facebook has more than 1,2 billion users worldwide. Some of them are opposed to research results, they appreciate photos and videos from their friends, and 47% points out that this is the main reason they have an account on that network. 46% of respondents said the main reason they use Facebok is the ability to share with many people in one move.

Half of the people surveyed said they have over 200 friends and in the age group 18-29, one in four has 500 friends and above.
According to the Pew Research Center survey, 71% of Americans who generally use the internet also have a facebook account, thus making this social site dominant on the platform SOCIAL MEDIA. In addition, according to the center, among non-users of facebook, 52% has someone in his or her home who has an account.
The survey was conducted from 7 August to September 16 on 1.801 adults of which 960 were Facebook users.

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