Map of WiFi codes from airports around the world

If you spend a lot of time in airports then you might be interested in one map with the WiFi codes of the various connections found on them, around the world.


One of the basic needs of a modern traveler is to have as much as possible on the Internet. The reason is simple, direct communication with his batch, either with his relatives or with his work. More or less, we have all traveled by plane and found out that our waiting time for boarding can go from an hour to .. better leave it, let's not study it.

So if you plan to travel by air somewhere on Earth, see a map which informs you with all the codes WiFi that you will meet inside the airports. Whether it's about in cafes or restaurants or in the airport itself or in various other places.

Created by , και σηματοδοτεί πολλά από τα αεροδρόμια που βρέθηκαν σε όλο τον κόσμο με ένα εικονίδιο αεροπλάνου. Κάντε κλικ σε οποιοδήποτε αεροπλάνο θέλετε για να πάρετε τους κωδικούς πρόσβασης από ορισμένα WiFi σημεία του αεροδρομίου αυτού. Οι κωδικοί πρόσβασης εντοπίζονται και μοιράζονται από το κοινό, και έτσι ο χάρτης ενημερώνεται συνεχώς. Κατόπιν τούτου ο χάρτης δεν περιέχει όλα τα αεροδρόμια στον κόσμο – αλλά μόνο εκείνα που έχουν γνωστούς κωδικούς πρόσβασης ή . If you search for Greece, only Corfu airport is mentioned. It seems that only our Corfu friends share their passwords publicly.

The web application also has a corresponding application for Android and for iOS. Finally you can visit this site to indicate some passwords that have come to your attention and are not included in the application's database. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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