Map of WiFi codes from airports around the world

If you spend many hours at airports then you might be interested in an online map with the WiFi codes of the various connections in them all over the world.


One of the basic needs of a modern traveler is to have as much access to the Internet as possible. The reason is simple, direct communication with his batch, either with his family or with his work. We all have a plane and we have discovered that our waiting time can be up to an hour to .. Let's do better, let's not study it.

So if you plan to travel by air somewhere on Earth, see a map which informs you with all the codes WiFi which you will meet within the airports. Whether it's a hotspot in cafes or restaurants, or at the airport itself or at other places.

Created by Anil Polat, it marks many of the airports found around the world with an airplane icon. Click on any plane you want to get the passwords from some WiFi points of this airport. Passwords are located and shared by the public, so the map is constantly updated. After that the map does not contain all the airports in the world - but only those that have known passwords or hotspots. If you are looking for Greece, there is only a report for Corfu airport. It seems that only our friends from Corfu share their codes publicly.

The web application also has a corresponding application for Android and for iOS. Finally you can visit this site to indicate some passwords that have come to your attention and are not included in the application's database.

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