Marianas web Deep Web and stories about wolves

Marianas web: The first time you heard about the Deep Web you probably felt weird. Then you heard about the Dark Web and fell from the clouds with the "public" drug markets, child pornography data markets, guns and killer rental services. Did you realize that anything could be bought with Bitcoin?

Then the media discovered it. The scary stories of the hidden web began to circulate in public. Soon after, security companies began publishing stories that wanted them to hunt down villains trying to harm us in the dark paths of the Dark Web. They discovered a thousand evils, from malware to collections and the sale of human organs.

Like most people, you may find the Dark Web scary, but it always tempts you to learn more.

But the majority of Dark Web pages have nothing to do with the above scary stories. Although the dark internet is said to host communities that seek everything illegal, there is also a huge social network that simply seeks privacy.

To give more food to the media, which are looking for scary stories, we decided to talk about the Marianas web. The deepest part of the web, where no one wants to go… The "Marianna Web".Marianas web

The Marianas web legend seems to take its name from the deepest part of the ocean, Marrencha's Trench. It's supposed to be the deepest part of the web, a forbidden place of mysterious evil, or at least that's the myth cultivated by a group of online believers.

Depending on where you read the Marianas web myths, you will find "the darkest secrets of humanity in its history", the secret location of Atlantis and the "secret Vatican archives" or a database of archives belonging to the most powerful information services on Earth. Many believe that the Marianas web is home to a powerful artificial intelligence entity.

The Marianas web is definitely the definition of the scariest Dark Web, probably because it is technically impossible. It is supposed to be accessible only through quantum computers, which today only exist from large companies, and it seems that they will be slow to reach private homes.

According to the first image, Assange has access to quantum computers through the locked Ecuadorian embassy κλει

Webcam which apps are using it?

However, lately it has started to be mentioned timidly on reddit and on some "searched" websites (see that after the publication on, many will follow). But the story does not seem to be true.

The story seems to be the result of a clickbait or an outrageous joke of a security company (including an infographic and well). A fairy tale that many have interpreted as a fact.

I do not know if there are too many who do not read carefully or avoid cross-referencing stories, or if they end up wanting to believe in Atlantis and various invisible beings.

See also the infographic

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