Mark Chris Sevier, is asking to get married with his computer

If there is one thing he loves Mark Chris Sevier, is the filing of ducts, and if there is another one, that's his personal computer. The man who sued Apple because he sold him a computer that through him was addicted to porn filing a lawsuit requiring him to be allowed to marry his computer full of porn.

Mark Chris Sevier
Mark Chris Sevier

Mark "Chris" Sevier lives in Florida, a state that is considering the very serious issue of whether to recognize same-sex marriages. Sevier has filed a lawsuit claiming to represent other sexual minorities. If homosexuals "have the right to marry the subject of their sexual desire," he argues, "then there should be the right to marry the preferred sexual object." We cannot say, as it stands, and if not for Mark sees it as natural for you to marry a box full of Apple porn.

Sevier's lawsuit-proposal lists 24 pages and continues with a description of his personal relationship with his favorite computer. Hold on tight….

"Over time, I began to prefer sex with my computer rather than sex with real women."

Of course we can't know if Mark "Chris" Sevier is exaggerating, or something else is happening. What we would like to see is the face of the person examining the lawsuit. Although the chances of his request being granted are minimal, at such a wedding we could not wish for "and good offspring."


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