Mark Zuckerberg: Discovering the concept of privacy

After an incredible judgment of conscience, today Mark Zuckerberg seems to have discovered the concept of privacy. Or does it once again try to blur the waters?

With a letter containing 3.000 + words (roughly) Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has informed his 2,3 billions that his business is aware of a concept known as privacy, and sees it as an opportunity. Mark Zuckerberg

But Facebook may be reforming an 15 legacy of wanting the conqueror company, with a letter from its visionary and maker dark-pattern;

Of course not and can not.

In the letter of 3.000 + words, Mark Zuckerberg failed to cover the fact that his company created the modern concept of social networks as cash machines that records inner thoughts, desires and how we connect with other people or the web.

The idea of ​​the founder of Facebook seems to be another self-portrayal and is almost boring.

The "A-Privacy-Focused Vision for Social NetworkingIt could be a fascinating letter if it was written by any company other than Facebook.

"I think there is an opportunity to set a new standard in private communication platforms - where content expires automatically or is archived over time," said Zuckerberg, who seems to be seriously concerned about privacy.

". This philosophy could be extended to all private content."

Unfortunately, no company can create something interesting in the social networking because Facebook's well-established and very aggressive attitude toward its competitors means that the game ends before it starts well. And if a company succeeds in doing something, Facebook will give the necessary billions to make it.

Surely Facebook's sudden privacy concern comes after the chain reactions that were triggered after several scandals were revealed. Facebook is probably aware that it's time to get a different path or, if not, a different picture.

In recent years, the company has realized that it is easier to let someone else innovate, develop a product, and attract users rather than do the same. Facebook's current role in the technology landscape is either to develop a functional teletype or to buy every innovation and hold it under the Facebook brand.

Let's remind you that Facebook has been able to spend a long time, based on the deliberate blurring of events and favors, which together with the ignorance of users (and governments) gave him the opportunity to collect users and data, building an empire.

This is a company avoids giving a straightforward answer to what exactly is happening.



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