Mark Zuckerberg: help from regulators & governments

No it's not April Fools' Pride. Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has called on governments and various regulators for help to play an "active role" in enforcing Internet rules.

In a Washington Post article that was posted on Saturday, Zuckerberg outlined four areas of Facebook's policy that require attention from governments and regulators:

Harmful content, integrity of elections, privacy and portability of data.Mark Zuckerberg

Here, let us mention that governments and regulators are already working to limit Facebook's powers, so Zuckerberg probably tried to give his opinion on how to issue regulations.

On the issue of harmful content, Zuckerberg has agreed that Facebook should not make decisions that censor on its own and that a model should be created by third parties. However, he stressed that companies should be allowed to self-regulate according to these standards.

"The Regulation could set the groundwork for what is forbidden and require companies to set up systems to keep harmful content to a minimum."

On the second issue of election integrity, Zuckerberg said that "deciding whether an advertisement is political is not always simple".

He also said that political advertising laws should be updated frequently to look at how the campaign uses data, as they are currently focusing mainly on election candidates.

By July, Facebook had few systems to track inappropriate advertising advertising practices. The systems were created only when firm evidence emerged that the company allowed the company Cambridge Analytica to have data from about 50 million users to predict how they will vote in their constituency. According to court testimonies, Facebook reportedly knew very well about the practice of using Cambridge Analytica data months before the scandal was revealed.

Mark Zuckerberg also called for a common global privacy framework, which is in line with the General Data ProtectionGDPR Compliance) of the European Union. GDPR is already in place on Facebook, so a common global framework like GDPR will minimize the percentage of privacy rules that the company has to keep.

He also added that governments should create clearer rules for privacy, but also clarify how they will affect the implementation of technologies such as artificial intelligence.

Zuckerberg's latest recommendation focused on data portability. What does this mean; Will the data be shared so they can be moved from one service to another? This proposal for users to freely get their information from one network to another, Zuckerberg says, "will create services that people want."

Zuckerberg called for a common standard for data portability, supporting a standard data transfer form and an open source data transfer project.

Shortly after Zuckerberg's announcement, Facebook announced that it plans to develop a new feature that will provide its users with brief explanations of why they see the posts they see in their news.

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