For the second time: Mark Zuckerberg's hacked social accounts

A hacking team has taken responsibility for Facebook Mark Zuckerberg's online billing account for the second time this year.

On Tuesday, the hacking group known as OurMine announced that they had broken the Pinterest account used by Zuckerberg. To prove this, they uploaded a new message to the account containing the group's web address.Mark Zuckerberg

So the "resume" of the Pinterest account said: "Don't worry, we're just doing security tests."

The message left by hackers in Mark Zuckerberg's account within a few minutes was removed.

The OurMine team is well-known for targeting high profile users, such as managing directors of companies, and technology executives in general. Hackers tend to distort their online accounts by adding their group name and a contact address.hack Mark Zuckerberg

As they have said in older hacks, they hope that this way, they will lead their victims to contact with them for security advice. The group's website, moreover, says it offers security services.

The hackers announced the hack via email to a ZDNet editor by providing Zuckerberg's nickname and password using Twitter. Of course, ZDNet did not publish the data for obvious reasons.

The team said the head of Facebook had triggered two-factor authentication after the first hack that was made earlier this year. According to hackers, the phone number used in the account expires at "86".

The hackers said they also said their Twitter password was the former Gmail password used by Zuckerberg, which changed six months ago.

Of course, ZDNet did not verify the above data as it would violate existing legislation.

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