MSc Contemporary Telecommunication Systems, Internet Technologies & Systems Security

The Inter-Institutional Postgraduate Program "Modern Telecommunication Systems, Internet Technologies and Systems Security" of the Department of Informatics Engineering T.E. of the School of Technological Applications of the TEI of Western Macedonia and the Department of Informatics of the School of Information and Communication Technologies of the University of Piraeus welcomes for the third consecutive year the interested and new candidates which will operate from the academic year 2017-2018. The application period lasts from 30/05/2017 until 10/07/2017.

At the PMS after the selection, the graduates of the Departments of Informatics, Computer Engineering, Engineering, Polytechnics or Polytechnic Schools, Positive or Technological Sciences and / or other related specialties, as well as graduates of Universities, Polytechnics or Polytechnics Schools and TEI or ASPETE. of the country, and foreign universities.Telecommunications

The BSc. will operate on TEI's premises. Western Macedonia in Kastoria, Friday and Saturday to allow employees to be monitored.

Purpose of the PMS "Modern Telecommunication Systems, Internet Technologies and Systems Security" is to provide education and specialized knowledge to their students on the areas of communications systems, internet technologies and system security. The vision is to create competent scientists and researchers who will respond successfully to the particular scientific needs of the rapid development of computer science, promoting and supporting research.

Candidates are available from Monday to Thursday, 11 hours: 00-13: 00 at the Department of Computer Engineering. of the TEI of Western Macedonia (Kastoria) or by sending a registered dossier to the District of Fourka 52100 Kastoria

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Phone 2467087062

Fax 2467087063

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