MATE 1.22 released the new desktop environment

MATE 1.22: After about a year of development, a new version of the popular MATE desktop environment for Linux has been released. This release comes with many bug fixes and just as many improvements.

MATE 1.22 DE packages will soon be available for all Arch Linux distributions, Linux Mint, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, Mageia, Slackware and openSUSE.MATE 1.22

What's new with MATE 1.22

The MATE panel was designed almost from the beginning to work with Wayland
Display applets were refreshed, allowing for better screen control directly from the panel.

Wanda the Fish works most well on HiPI screens.
The session manager terminates correctly all systemd processes. Apps can also start automatically after a delay selected by the user.
We've moved a series of programs to Python 3 (eye of MATE and python-caja plugin libraries, like the mate-menus library)
The caja file manager can now display optional desktop alerts for running file features that are long lasting

New MATE Desktop files are available for download here:

releases / 1.22 /

You can see all changes on release notes.


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