Learn Node.js for free from Microsoft

Microsoft has released 26 new short videos on YouTube, giving beginners a way to learn about Node.js, the server-side JavaScript runtime environment for creating applications and services that run outside the browser.

In the new Node.js series, Microsoft promises to provide tools for "learning Node.js from scratch with a strong focus on practice". He mentions that the series is aimed at beginners of Node.js, but they should know the basics of JavaScript.

If you do not know JavaScript, Microsoft released 51 videos on YouTube last month aimed at novice developers who want to learn JavaScript to build applications in the browser.

Node.js uses Google's JavaScript V8 engine to execute JavaScript code outside of the browser.

Node.js teaches beginners what they need to know to create web servers, microservices, command line applications, web interfaces, drivers for accessing databases, desktop applications, IoT clients, and small server libraries -computers such as the Raspberry Pi, machine learning models and more.

Let us mention once again that Microsoft advises those interested to complete the JavaScript video series before starting the Node.js.

To accompany the training videos, Microsoft also released one extended interactive Node.js course consisting of five sections.

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