Free Applied Quantum Mechanics 2: Molecules

"Quantum mechanics in action" could be an alternative title of this course that has as its main topic the understanding from the first principles of the structure and properties of the basic molecules of our material world.


At its heart is the wonderful chemistry of carbon, which allows not only the emergence of life in the universe but also the creation of man-made compounds of pure carbon — such as fullerene and graphene — that promise to be the springboard for a new technological revolution.

A course for students of physics, chemistry, materials science and electrical or chemical engineering, as well as for anxious teachers who feel the need for a deeper understanding of subjects they are called upon to teach their students.

What you can do at the end of the course:

You will be able to fully understand the quantum theory of chemical bonding and predict based on this the structure and properties of all the basic simple molecules around us.

You will be able to explain from the beginning why the elementary theory of the chemical bond fails miserably in the case of carbon, and you will also be able to build the modified theory yourself to fully understand the admirable complexity of the compounds of this unique element.

You will be able to predict from the outset the exact shape and several of the physicochemical properties of a large class of organic molecules, and you will also have a first acquaintance with pure carbon compounds, such as graphene or fullerenes.

If you are a student, you will be fully prepared to attend and get the most out of a wide variety of specialist courses in both cutting-edge science and technology.
If you are a teacher, you will have removed a large part of the fog that usually surrounds the basic concepts of chemistry and you will have gained that minimum of cognitive confidence, without which no effective teaching is possible.

Above all, however, you may have been "infected" by an incurable disease. The curiosity to understand the world.


An introductory course in quantum physics, such as the Introduction to Quantum Physics (1 & 2) by Mathesis. Although not required, a familiarity with the basic concepts and techniques of Applied Quantum Mechanics 1 will be very useful.


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