Mathesis Free Introduction to Java Programming: Revised Edition 2023

Java has remained the most popular programming language for nearly 30 years. Originally geared towards the World Wide Web, to give "motion and interactivity" to the static web pages of that era, it is a purely object-oriented programming language that remains a focus of interest for both desktop and web applications or smart devices.


If you want to learn to write programs in the programming language that "runs" on billions of devices in the world, then this course is for you. You will learn the basic concepts of object-oriented programming, what to pay attention to in order to write correct and safe programs, and you will see the improvements that have been introduced in the latest versions of the language.

This renewed introductory course lasts 6 weeks and - unlike its previous version which required programming knowledge either in another language or in an older version of the Java language - is also aimed at people without necessarily previous contact with programming. It starts with the basics of computers, provides the concept of algorithms and then introduces the student to the magic of programming with the Java language, which is considered one of the most suitable for first contact with programming.

Compared to the previous version, it has many more solved exercises which the teacher explains step by step, so that the student becomes familiar with the corresponding way of thinking. In addition, in the course we will create a whole program together, which we will build step by step each week. Although the course covers less material than its previous edition, it includes additional introductory elements of the Java language, is much more detailed and explains in more detail - beyond the basic syntax - the data structures offered by the language as well as its basic concepts object-oriented programming, to an extent not yet covered by the Greek literature.

Attending the course includes quizzes at the end of each unit so that the student can better understand the material presented but also pay more attention to some parts of the language, a final test and the preparation of a final paper that is handed in for evaluation. The student who completes this course will be able to program in the Java language and solve interesting practical problems on his own.

Instructor: Yannis Kostaras, Programmer, Member of Apache-Netbeans
Inception: 13/3/2023 The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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